Ecological Benefits of EcoPro® Mobile Sawmills

The loggers’ ecological concerns are well known and legitimate. Most of these concerns encounter economic problems.
International organizations raise funds to help farmers. Regulations are becoming clearer and begin to be applied. Global ecology is attentive and active.

Among these ecological problems, we will mention those related to the logs transportation and to the abandonment of shorts, abutments, broken, defected or economically non-valuable wood such as large branches in the forest. Ecological improvement is sustainable if it is accompanied by an economic improvement, which is achievable in these cases by the use of an EcoPro® mobile sawmill.

Mobile sawmills are sawing tools that are well-known for their advantages and disadvantages.
The EcoPro® mobile sawmill’s design has been oriented to eliminate all known conventional disadvantages and create a new unique advantage in sawing.
Whether you are a logger or sawmill, our experience in mobile sawmills allows us to advise and assist you in your project.

We are the designers and manufacturers of the EcoPro® mobile sawmills whose reputation is well established.

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