EcoPro A/T-4M®


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EcoPro A/T-4M®


ECOPRO A/T-4M® (All Terrain) is constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel combined with aluminum. The
Steel/Aluminum combination gives the machine great stability, while combining sawing precision and high productivity.

Indeed, the ECOPRO A/T-4M ® presents no structure oscillations found on the competitor’s Aluminum mobile sawmills which are generally poorly adapted to the tropical conditions due to the phenomenon of reverberation that causes the heating of the blade.

This new machine allows assembly/disassembly several times a day and can be towed by a simple 4×4 vehicle, and
is transportable on a trailer, etc..

Sawing capacity

Technical Specification

Overall dimensions assembled: lg 8 m x w 2.7 m x h 2m
Entirely built of galvanized steel combined with aluminum in the beams.
Vertical stroke : 1170 mm
Longitudinal span: 4100 mm (6000 mm optional)
Transversal span: 1300 mm
Total weight of approximately: 380 kg
All movements are on ball bearings.
The path of the translational rail on the beams is made of steel castors which allows the use of easily replaceable steel trolley wheels.
Simultaneous vertical movement of the assembly by a single crank
BRIGGS & STRATTON 31 HP gazoline engine
Front and rear blade safety