EcoPro Duo®


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EcoPro Duo ®


Continuously innovating in the search for new, more profitable sawmills, ALM Industry SA has the advantage of offering you the EcoPro Duo®, the two-bladed sawmill.

The EcoPro Duo® saws beams up to 20.5 x 10.5 cm with an incomparable daily capacity up to 18 m3 of sawn timber.
This machine is equipped with a pendular translation kit, two blades (with a diameter of 300 and 500 mm) each with 5 carbide teeth + sharpening kit with diamond grinding wheel.

Sawing Capacity


An EcoPro Duo® mobile sawmill includes:

A sawmill capacity 20.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 6 m
A pendulum system
This equipment allows waste to be evacuated and a new log can be positioned without the risk of a log / sawmill collision on the free post while the sawing continues on the other one. By eliminating the dead time of sawing between two logs
A sharpening machine
The sharpening machine allows to sharpen the saw teeth without disassembling the blade
A 500 mm blade with 5 teeth
A 300 mm blade with 5 teeth

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions mounted: length 8.1 m x width 2.7 m x height 2m
Completely made of galvanized steel
Vertical stroke 1170 mm
Longitudinal carriage travel 7000 mm
Transverse trolley travel 1300 mm
All movements are on ball bearings
The trolley wheels are easily replaceable steel wheels
Front and rear blade safety
Simultaneous vertical movement of the assembly by a single crank