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EcoPro UL ®


Our continual technological innovation coupled with the usage of the best materials has raised the EcoPro 2® and EcoPro Duo® machines’ reputation, both in fixed and semi-mobile installation. These sawmills have demonstrated many times their qualities and performance.

Today we have the particularity of offering you a quite new light machine.

Check out: EcoPro UL®, the ultra-lightweight mobile sawmill with a tilting blade.
The EcoPro UL® is the ultra-lightweight version of the EcoPro 2® mobile sawmill with a total weight of 400 kg and can saw logs up to 25 x 25 cm with a daily capacity of up to 12 m3 of sawn wood.

This Ultra-light sawmill can be assembled in 30 minutes by two men to move from ball to ball and is offered with a 31 HP thermal engine.
It makes it possible to saw logs without length limitation by simple translation rails extension.
This machine also makes it possible to delete log skidding operations.

Sawmill Capacity