EcoPro 2-25®


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EcoPro 2-25 ®


The mobile sawmill EcoPro 2-25® is a mobile, powerful, robust and long-lasting precision sawmill equipped with a swinging blade:

This machine is equipped with a pendular translation kit that allows working on two posts, with a blade of 630 mm having 9 or 12 teeth of carbides and which is sharpened by means of a sharpening kit with a diamond grinding wheel that is supplied with the machine.

The EcoPro 2-25® is mounted on site in less than an hour by two operators.

Disassembled EcoPro 2-25® fits in a small lorry with a 3 to 4 m. tipper.

Capacité de sciage


Une scierie mobile EcoPro2-25® comprend :
A sawmill capacity 25 cm x 25 cm x 6 m
A pendulum system
This equipment allows waste to be evacuated and a new log to be positioned without the risk of a log / sawmill collision on the free post while the sawing continues on the other one. It increases daily capacity by eliminating sawing dead time between two logs.
A sharpening tool
It allows to sharpen the saw teeth without disassembling the blade.
A toolbox
A 630 mm diameter blade
In case of accident ALL items can be replaced or repaired, beams, frames, trolley, etc

Technical Specifications

Dimensions with everything mounted: length 8.1 m x width2.7 m x height 2m
Entirely constructed of galvanized steel chroming
Vertical stroke 1170 mm
Stroke of the longitudinal carriage 7000 mm
Stroke of the transverse trolley 1300 mm
Total weight about 650 kg (depending on the engine)
All movements are on ball bearing.
The blade shaft is mounted on two tapered roller bearings
The trolley wheels are easily replaceable steel wheels
Electric three-phase motor 380 V
BRIGGS & STRATTON thermal petrol engine
Front and rear blade safety
Simultaneous vertical movement of the assembly by a single crank