ALM Industry

Located in Courcelles, Belgium, ALM Industry is a reference company for your precision engineering works and metals machining by the removal of the material and in the creation of precision machine tools, able to produce all kinds of materials.

Thanks to our expertise in engineering, we have developed another activity: special machines and mobile sawmills manufacturing.

We have the latest technologies and the most modern tools to achieve a quality work. All our mobile sawmills are manufactured in our workshops in Belgium. Over the years, ALM Industry has built up a qualified team with diversified skills (engineers, technicians, skilled workers, assemblers, painters, installers,).
Thanks to the high quality of its manpower, ALM Industry is able to effectively monitor all orders. Accustomed to the most demanding customers, ALM Industry is able to meet the requirements of time and quality.

We export our mobile sawmills to the four corners of the world: in Europe (Belgium, France …), in Africa (Congo, Gabon …), in Asia (Indonesia…), in South America (Brazil, Guyana …).

Mobile Sawills

ALM Industry : EcoPro® mobile sawmills manufacturer

Want more information about our mobile sawmills ? We invite you to browse our website to check out our various achievements and thus get an idea of ​​what we can do to carry out your project.