ECOPRO® Carbide tips brazing machine


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ECOPRO® Carbide tips brazing machine

ECOPRO®  Circular saws brazing machine for the application of Widia theeths on circular saw blades. Inexpensive and easy-to-use it was designed to repair circular saw blades with hard metal plates.

User manual :


  1. Place the blade on the brazing machine via its adapter.
  2. Hold with the pressure screw, the blunt tooth that you want to separate from the body of the blade.
  3. Activate the “ON” button to heat the teeth and then remove  by pulling on the blade body and then eject the teeth using a rod.
  4. Use the teeth seat preparation jig with a file to clean the tooth seat on the blade body.


  1. Place the blade on the welder via its adapter.
  2. Place the new carbide tooth on the pure copper support and present the blade on the tooth by its seat.
  3. Activate the welding button
  4. This operation is to be repeated on the other teeth of the blade.
  5. Sharpen the teeth on the face and the teeth on the diameter of the blade using the ECOPRO ® grinder.

Technical Data

Circular Saw Blade Inside Diameter  [min-max]: 20 – 130 mm

Circular Saw Blade Outside Diameter [min-max]: 150 – 1200 mm

Brazing Angle:  da -20° a +25°

Absorbed Power: 4 Kw                       in 380/220V

Net – Gross Weight: 90 – 147 kg

Machine Dimensions [D x W x H]:  55 x 110 x 140 cm

Packing Dimensions [D x W x H]:  81 x 99 x 171 cm