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Cutting width control JIG

This measuring protractor is a jig that mounts on the secondary carriage and which allows you to lock the width measurement of the boards to allow the production of repetitive cuts of the same measurement.

Trailers or carts with wheels for difficult trails

The main carriage of ECOPRO portable sawmills can be equipped with quad wheels.

We also make your trailer to measure quality. Our trailers are robust and have excellent road holding.

Slabber sawing kit

This kit cut logs into high  wide slabs uses a chainsaw slabber style bar with its support frame which is mounted on the blade holder axis of ECOPRO® mobile sawmills after the removal of the blade.

The chain sprocket driven by the blade shaft

Cutting width: 1.50m

Height: 0.20m


This slabber chain kit allows the logs to be cut horizontally to produce planks up to 1.5 meters wide.